Your performance reviews don't need to suck

Well-tested code and pull requests won't help you in your next performance review. Storylog helps you to make your work visible, and get the recognition you deserve.

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Your work goes beyond code

Pull request and tickets are just a a part of what you do. What about the design documents you wrote? The onboarding of a new colleague or the interviews you supported?

Storylog makes it easy to collect the things you do but are not visible on team boards.

Help your manager help you

In the ideal world, your manager would remember all the great work you did. The reality is that even you can't remember all the things.

Storylog helps you to keep people informed about your work. They can always check your past activities.

Visualize and share your progress

Knowing whether you're moving in the correct direction or not is not easy. We all get distracted by day-to-day events.

Storylog helps you to track your goals and milestones so that you always know where you're and the areas you should focus on

Be in the spotlight

It's performance review time. There's no need to spend time going through all the emails, PRs, documents you were part of.

Storylog creates beautiful reports with all your work, so you can share it easily with people that will evaluate you.

Simple pricing

Are you ready to get an "exceeds expectations" in your next performance review?



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Questions & Answers

Can I expense it?

Yes! We even created an email template to make it easier to ask your manager about it. Let us know how it goes.

What if my performance review outcome does not improve?

We guarantee it will improve. If you use Storylog for 3+ months and your performance review does not improve, we refund you in full.

Do people I share with need to create an account to see my updates?

No. People without an account will get a "magic link" to see your updates as a "guest".

Do I need to spend lots of time using Storylog?

No. You can benefit from Storylog with less than 10 minutes per day.

Will I get automatically charged after the 30-days trial is over?

No. We don't collect credit card information during account creation. We only charge you when you decide to upgrade your account.

Can I create private activities/goals/spotlights?

Yes. You have total control about the things you share. You can create both public and private information.

How many people can I share my updates with?

You can share with unlimited people.

Can I use the "Company" plan with a single team?

Yes. The "Company" plan supports both single and multiple teams.

Is it easy to share with my manager?

Yes. If you are using a "Solo" plan, you can share with other people by email. In the "Company" plan, Storylog automatically shares your public updates with your manager.